Once upon a time in a quaint village, there lived a young woman named Emma. She was vibrant, full of life, and her laughter could light up the darkest of nights. However, lurking in the shadows of her heart was a fearsome beast known as depression. Like a wolf, it had the power to consume her happiness and cast a dark cloud over her life. Little did Emma know that this encounter with the beast would lead her on a journey through the stages of depression, in search of a way to tame it.

Stage 1: The Unseen Shadow

At first, the beast was just a faint presence, lurking in the periphery of Emma’s life. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what was wrong, but she noticed that her laughter had grown quieter, her enthusiasm waned, and everyday tasks felt like insurmountable mountains. The shadowed beast seemed to feed on her joy, making her believe that happiness was an elusive dream.

Stage 2: The Claws of Despair

As time passed, the beast’s presence grew stronger. It sunk its claws into Emma’s mind, filling her thoughts with doubt and sadness. The once-bright colors of her life now seemed faded and dull. The claws of despair tightened their grip, making it harder for her to escape the darkness that enveloped her.

Taming The Shadowed Beast - A Tale of Depression.


Stage 3: The Howl of Isolation

As the beast’s influence intensified, Emma felt isolated from the world around her. She withdrew from her friends and family, convinced that nobody could understand the battles she fought within herself. The more she distanced herself, the more power the beast gained over her. It seemed as if the wolf within was transforming into something more sinister.

Stage 4: Confronting the Beast

One fateful day, Emma came across an old, wise person who had once tamed a similar beast in their past. This person recognized the signs of depression in Emma’s eyes and offered her guidance. They explained that depression, like a wild wolf, needed to be confronted and acknowledged. Ignoring it only strengthened its hold.

Stage 5: The Journey Within

With newfound determination, Emma embarked on a journey to face the beast within. Along the way, she discovered her inner strength, resilience, and the power of self-compassion. She realized that the beast’s power over her relied on her own fear and self-doubt.

Taming The Shadowed Beast - A Tale of Depression.


Stage 6: Seeking Help and Support

Stage 7: The Taming Begins

As Emma confronted the beast, she understood that she couldn’t do it alone. She sought help from a kind therapist who became her guide on this arduous journey. Through therapy, she learned coping strategiesbreathing techniques, and healthy ways to process her emotions.

Slowly but steadily, the beast began to change. It started to resemble a dog, still present but less threatening. Emma discovered that with each ray of hope and every small victory, the beast’s hold weakened. It no longer dominated her life, but it remained a part of her, reminding her of the battles she had fought and won.

Taming The Shadowed Beast - A Tale of Depression.


Stage 8: Embracing the Shadow

In time, Emma learned to accept the beast as a part of her story. It was no longer something to fear, but rather a reminder of her strength and resilience. She named it “Shadow” and understood that, just like a dog, it needed care and attention. She no longer fought to banish it but embraced it as a part of her unique self.

Epilogue: A Life Illuminated

While the shadowed beast, now tamed, still occasionally lurked in the background, Emma’s life was no longer dominated by darkness. She found joy in the little things, cherished the moments of happiness, and was grateful for the journey that led her to self-discovery. By embracing her shadow and taming the beast, she had unlocked a new chapter in her life — a life illuminated by hope and resilience.

Taming The Shadowed Beast - A Tale of Depression.


And so, dear reader, remember that just like Emma, you too can tame the shadowed beast of depression. Seek help, embrace your journey, and remember that you are never alone in this battle. There is light at the end of the tunnel, waiting to illuminate your path once more.

If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety or depression, please reach out to us at Melbourne Therapy and Counselling Centre. We believe, “Healing starts with a Conversation” and we are here to help.


Credit: Photographs by @sheridan_lapeyre_photography